Beautiful Northern California

We arrived in Oakland to Jade’s aunt waiting to pick us up. We got in her dark green 4 door and sped off down the freeway, on our way to sunny San Francisco. We spent the day sight seeing, catching glimpses of the Golden Gate bridge, Acatraz, the Full House house (which is in her aunt’s neighborhood!) and more panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay. We went out to eat at a tasty Italian restaurant called Delfina’s. I got meatball’s with bread, Jade had the roast chicken, and Aunty S got the mussels in garlic sauce. Oh, and of course we had a pizza for the table…and delicious beer and wine to accompany.  For dessert, house made gelato for everyone.

Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco CA

The next day we had a delicious brunch at Ella’s Restaurant just down the corner from Aunty S’ condo. I ordered an egg scramble with Canadian bacon and caramelized onions and a homemade buttermilk biscuit topped with fresh creamy butter and homemade jam.  After brunch we took off up the winding and beautiful highway 1 to catch a glimpse of the coastal beachfront. We stopped at North Beach to take our shoes off and feel the warm sand between our toes. The way the endless ocean contrasted with the coastal mountains of the area was magnificent to behold. The air was cool, the water was freezing, and there were only about 20 people on the beach as far as the eye could see in either direction. Serene, really.

North Beach on the coast of northern California

From there we set off for Lodi, California to where we would be spending the weekend. The house has a beautiful back patio complete with swimming pool, rock waterfall and a jacuzzi hot tub! It is a glorious vacation spot. We went to a wine tasting in downtown Lodi at a place called the Wine Cellar, where we were treated like royalty because Jade’s dad knows a guy who knew a guy. Yum!

Pineappling by the pool in Lodi California


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