From a Dream

From A Dream

It was time to go, I knew that much. It seemed to be at about 67%. or was it 47? Either way I knew I had to get out of there. No one was there, and I had to pee, so I snuck through the dark cafeteria and through a classroom, entering through the backdoor and coming out the front in order to avoid the main entrance to the hallway. The bathroom door was ahead on the right. What if it was locked? Where could I hide? I looked around for some quick hiding places while I pushed on the door, but to my relief it opened. Inside there was a man, and after approaching the urinal and pulling out my cock I noticed it was Mr. True. “Well hello, Mr. True.”

He glanced quickly and said, “Hello, Mr. Parabol.”

“Mr. Farrington” I corrected.

That surprised him. “Is that you? I didn’t recognize you. It’s all the grey hair.”

“Ya not as much as you.” It had been a while, but I could remember how much of a joker he used to be. He did seem a lot older. “It’s been a while, how’ve you been?”

“The car’s down on the corner.” I gave him a sympathetic look. “Ya, motor went yesterday”. There was a small pause as we both finished peeing, and walked over to the sink to wash our hands. “I saw your speech there the other night. It was good.” His laugh was full of condescension. “Much better than your other graduation speech.” I knew my high school grad speech wasn’t good. I made it that way on purpose. At the time, it seemed like the satirical, witty thing to do. Something to say, I see what you want from me, but I’m not going to play. Thinking back, maybe it was just a childish way of saying I’m ungrateful.

Either way, I told myself I would make up for it with this one. I wanted this one to blow everyone away, and that it did. The chaos from the scene was still lingering in my mind. Maybe it was that, or the growing awkwardness of standing in the bathroom with another man, or maybe it was that so much time had passed between now and 7th grade and I didn’t really know this man anymore, but I started to get very itchy. “Listen, they’re still looking for me for that. It’d be cool if you never mentioned you saw me.” My right hand slipped instinctively into my pants pocket.

Mr. True’s eyes glanced down momentarily, then caught my own. “I would never. I know what you did, and I think I know why you did it. I could see it in you even when you were in my class. If anything, I see a bit of myself in you.” His eyes looked sad at that last remark, and I didn’t know what other to do than to leave him there in the bathroom.

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