Headed to the Superior Hiking Trail

It’s the start of a new adventure!

I am happy to announce that we are starting a new adventure this week. Jade and I will be shuttling up north somewhere along the SHT and backpacking south along the beautiful trail for 15 days! We will be making our way back to the Duluth hopefully by August 26th, when we’ll head to the East Coast once again to be with family and friends and to help my step-brother, Brett, get married to his beautiful fianceé Meaghan.

We are excited to bring you pictures and words from our trip. Check back often as we’ll be updating the site periodically as we hike along.

Of course, it’s not always easy to access the internet when you’re backpacking in the woods, so please be patient. We’ll do our best to post as many beautiful pictures as we can.

For now, I put together a little video of the items going into my backpack. It’s mostly only clothing in the video, but we are also bringing a tent, sleeping bags, pads, a small camp stove, and two small first aid kits, as well as little stuff like deodorant and toothbrush stuff. We found a nice toothpaste that’s all natural and won’t harm the soil because we’ll most likely not have any sink in the woods!

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