Superior Hiking Trail 2015

The much anticipated unveiling of the pictures from the trip

We had a blast on our trip to Minnesota. I wish it was longer. I didn’t want to come down out of the woods, back to ‘reality’ or whatever you people like to call it. No but seriously it was a grand adventure.

Did I change at all during the trip? I think I did. I just realize that this is a time of change in my life and a lot of the people I know and surround myself with. For some reason the lingering old way of things is finally being left in the dust and we are beginning to live life in the unknown, the very unknown, and being okay with that. I listen to my body, I listen to my heart, and I listen to my mind. Reason, logic, I find it hard to trust anymore. I need to put those on the back burner for a while and make my initial thrust into the unknown. I can then use those qualities to manage circumstances as they arise. This hike has helped me realize that I want to make decisions in my life not based on fear or money but based on a genuine feeling of wanting to explore and discover new parts of the world and new parts of myself. I do so much personal and spiritual work on a day to day basis and when asked how things are going I respond with activities and things that have happened to me. Am I happy? Yes. But people don’t realize how much time and effort actually goes in to understanding myself and smoothing out the rough spots to come to a peaceful appreciation of who I am in this present moment.

Trips like backpacking for 115 miles help stop the hustle bustle and improve my health. They help to bring me back to nature and to remember how things work. How the water flows around the rocks and slowly morphs them. How the trees grow slow but strong. How the beavers and the bear survive without TV and jobs. It was a constant and beautiful reminder that I am on the right path, to keep trusting in my self and to not get down on myself when I think everything is terribly wrong. Because it’s not. I’ve chosen the way I want to live, whether I
have the means for it or not. In fact, I┬ádefinitely don’t have the means for it. But I know I can’t live any other way. I know that eventually things will work themselves out. It’s all about living for the moment and trusting that no matter what, I’ve made the right decision. Money can’t buy happiness. We all know it, have heard it, but do any of us really live for it? We still work our crappy jobs and think we need it.

We all think we need a home. I have come to understand that home is inside. Home is inside and will remain, wherever I am.

Tom's Feet



Enjoy these photos as we have enjoyed the scenery and expanse of the north shore wilderness of Minnesota. The Superior Hiking Trail has come to us in a momentous time of change and has been a wonderful space to organize thoughts, feeling and emotions.


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